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Why is hiring a postpartum doula the best decision you'll make?
Breathing during labour
Placenta Balm
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Why is hiring a postpartum doula the best decision you'll make?

What is a postpartum doula?
A postpartum doula is usually hired to help the family adjust to life with a new baby, to help siblings adjust and make sure the family are coping well.
The last thing new parents want to do is the grocery shopping or cooking meals. A postpartum doula can do your errands and chores for you.
We can also provide breastfeeding support (I am also a breastfeeding counsellor), occupy siblings as you feed baby or bond with baby or even take a shower or a nap.
It is hard to say exactly what a postpartum doula does because it changes with every families needs.

Breathing during labour

We hear a lot throughout our lives about breathing and childbirth, in fact I remember the first reference I ever heard to it was as a child watching the Look Who's Talking movie when James says to Mollie "look you gotta use Lamaze. It works. My sister in law used it. You don't need drugs, and it's better for the kid."

I don't believe in a strict breathing routine, it is better in my experience to tune into your body, follow your natural rhythm.
Think about when you're stressed, your breathing changes doesn't it.

Placenta Balm

Did you know that the placenta has so many amazing benefits even beyond encapsulation?
I have recently started making placenta balms for clients.
A balm has many healing properties and help with so many things including eczema, perinatal trauma, caesarean scars, nappy rash, burn, cracked and blistered nipples plus lots more.
The ground up placenta is mixed with organic oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and grape seed oil (plus other organic ingredients) 
It is not to be used with any virus or any bacterial infection just like the placenta capsules.

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