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Placenta Encapsulation

To find out how placenta encapsulation can help you

These prices are for encapsulation and tinctures alone, if you'd like a doula service as well please check our other packages or contact me to create a custom package.

Basic Encapsulation 
Have your placenta encapsulated and returned to you within 72 hours of birth (usually within 48 hours)
Placenta print

Raw Method- $240
TCM method - $260
Combined (Raw and TCM) -

What is the difference?
Traditional Chinese Medicine Method
 - The oldest method and also the most commonly used. Labour is considered to be Yin which means cold, it is believed the process of labour and birth leaves a lot of open and empty space. The TCM of encapsulation is Yang which means warm because of the spices, herbs and steaming involved in the encapsulation process. By adding warm energy it is believed to help postpartum healing even further and for longer since some believe that since the raw method is considered cold it isn't suitable for longer term use (when period returns, menopause etc)
Traditionally used ingredients such as lemongrass (or lemon when this is not available), ginger and peppers all add a warm energy then the placenta is steamed, the steamed placenta is then dehydrated, ground and placed into capsules, the result is an energy balanced placenta remedy that is nourishing and warm.
Raw Method
 - This method is based on the more modern beliefs that heat destroys vital enzymes. When using this method most specialists will not go above 50°C as many believe that the heat would kill lots of nutrients and the hormones we are trying to add back to the body. The placenta is then sliced and dehydrated then ground and put in capsules.

2 paper prints and 1 canvas print - $30 
2 paper prints - $20
Tincture - $60
Balm (if you are encapsulating placenta) $55
$260 if not encapsulating the placenta as I still need to do the entire process for the balm. 

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