A Rainbow Doula - Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear

Parenting A Rainbow

This program combines 2 of my qualifications. I am a trained postpartum doula and a trained bereavement doula, together with these skills I have created PAR.
PAR is different from my usual postpartum work because this focuses on pregnancy and/or bringing home a baby after loss.
I myself am a Rainbow Parent (I have living children after the death of a child) so I also have experience in some of the insecurities expecting rainbow parents can be feeling.
 PAR will be mainly be focusing on postpartum help within the home, helping parents adjust to a new baby. If you feel you would like extra support with your pregnancy and birth please discuss our birth packages which I can provide extra support for anyone who needsit.
We often feel guilt that a new baby is replacing a baby we have lost, this isn't true but is a common feeling.
We feel mixed emotions that the nursery is being used by a new baby.
Parenting a new baby after a loss can be an emotional time, the most common feelings reported by mums with a new baby after a previous loss are:
- insecurities about parenting
- fear (for baby, for the future)
- worry (about baby, parenting etc)
- guilt
- sadness (especially when new baby meets milestones)
- hurt (when others focus on new baby and "forget" the baby that was lost)
- physical/emotional discomfort

Having a rainbow baby can also be very overwhelming in general, not just emotionally, my job will be to help you through what can be difficult times, be a sounding board and willing ear for your feelings/emotions/fears, to help you physically with your new baby, assist in bonding with your new baby and help with the housework as well as you begin this new journey with your rainbow baby.

Our packages can be found on our website, PAR packages can be found below too, please note these may change in time as we adjust to the needs of Parenting who are raising rainbows.

Package #1
3 prenatal visits to discuss your needs/wants and for me to get a general idea of what support you will need or what could benefit you the most.
20 hours (these can be broken up into blocks of your choice) of postpartum visits
4 x homemade freezer meals
A gift basket
24 hour phone support

Package #2
3 prenatal visits
30 hours postpartum visits
6 x freezer meals
1 x lactation cookies
A gift basket
24 hour phone support

Package #3
4 prenatal visits
40 hours postpartum visits
7 x freezer meals
2 x lactation cookies
A gift basket
24 hour phone support

Maternity photo shoot: $159
Newborn photo shoot: $229
Our Photographer is Narelle from
Eternal Moments Photography, if you would like to discuss having Narelle at the birth to do some birth photography please call her on
0413 925 218 please let her know that you are booking through A Rainbow Doula
Cleaner: $
Additional postpartum hours: $24 per hour

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