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 Breastfeeding Services
As a breastfeeding counsellor I am passionate about helping mothers be able to make informed decisions in the way they feed their child.

I provide support in various ways for example I hold breastfeeding classesthroughout the year they are split up into different age categories for example prenatal classes or birth - 6 months etc. or I see clients individually in their home and have one on one time to get to the bottom of any difficulties or concerns.
Alternatively I can help over the phone or via email though this is not a preferred method as it is better to actually be able to see how the baby is feeding.

Costs of the classes can be found on the calendar of events tab to the left. One on one appointments are priced at $30 per hour or we can create a package if you would prefer ongoing care for example you could have unlimited assistance for the first 6 months for $450, it is much better to sit down and work out an individual plan to suit your needs though, I am happy to meet up with you for a no obligation chat.
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